For a Glimpse Beyond the Terminus

When you think of Terminus you think of the end of line. You also think of the ultimate end which is death. In For a Glimpse Beyond the Terminus Jordan R. Anderson gives us Nine stories having to do with death, cosmic horror and the paranormal. These stories are hard-core and give a serious look at what truly scares us.

My favorite story in this book was Under And In And So It All Begins. This story is simply enough about the beginning of the apocalypse. It all starts with a recently divorced man who is down on his luck and just happens to have a portal to another dimension under his car. What makes this interesting is it’s like two stories in one. In the beginning it’s just a man who is dealing with his own depression over his failed marriage, he finds an opportunity to be a hero but everything goes horribly wrong. The end of this story turns out to be an all out gore fest. As simple as it was my favorite part of this story was when the man decides to go into the other dimension in order to save a life and he wonders what his ex-wife would think of him now. He’s doing what he needs to do and wants to be a hero but the despair over his wife divorcing him never leaves his thoughts. This story had a real Lovecraft feel to it with an awesome ending.

Another story I really liked was The Harem Within. You have to give this story points for originality. The star of it is a sexually awkward man who has a unique power. When he finally has the opportunity to have sex with someone he absorbs them into his body and the victim lives inside of him. His new power turns him into an addict and he wants to take as many souls as he can. I enjoyed the concept here and  how the main character keeps referring to himself as a fiend. I love how the character sees himself at the end and the reader is left to wonder was he really a fiend? Or was he just a lonely man with no idea what was happening to him.

For a Glimpse Beyond the Terminus was a mixed bag for me. The book has the feel of being written by someone who hasn’t been professionally writing for very long. There are some great ideas and content here but some situations and settings get over described which takes you out of the story. That being said I found the book entertaining and thought there were some great concepts and good content here. Jordan shows he has a passion for writing horror and I think his writing will get better in the future. I ‘m looking forward to seeing what he will write about next.


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