Yoga For Beginners

People get the wrong idea about yoga. Some people think of it as a new age religion and avoid it all together. Others see the poses and think it looks too hard or too easy and never try it. Then we have the people who look at all the different styles of yoga and are overwhelmed and don’t try because they don’t know what style is right for them.

Learning yoga can be difficult but if you’re willing you may find that a little work will lead to several benefits. Among them is feeling more relaxed, a  clearer mind and more energy. All you need is 5 minutes a day to practice yoga. Ntathu Allen’s Yoga For Beginners can show you how simple exercises can change your life.

What I like most about Ntathu Allen’s book is that she takes something that is complex and breaks it down into something simple that makes sense. You don’t need a mat or instructors you just need to take a little time for your self. This book starts by giving examples of  stressful events in life and then yoga poses that can help you deal with the stress. Several exercises can be done while laying in bed before you start the day. She also gets into stretches you can do at your desk at work, poses for the end of the day and even ways to help heal injuries.

This may be a short book but it tells you all you need to start a yoga practice. It also has descriptions and drawings to show you the right way along with case studies to show how it has helped others. I’ve been doing yoga for a while but I still found helpful hints in this book. In particular I liked how Ntathu gets into how learning to breathe correctly and meditation can help you deal with stress and other issues such as grief. Even paying attention to your posture can help you deal with your every day life and this book shows you how to improve on that.

When you look at what Ntathu Allen teaches, you would think that there is no way these simple  exercises can make my life easier, but it can. If you try the techniques in this book and stick with it they really will make a difference. This book may be geared towards women but men can learn a lot from it also. This book teaches that you can feel mentally and physically better if you’re willing to learn a few new techniques.


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